Pickleball Scoring

The first server begins the game serving from the right. You get one, underhand serve, struck below the waist, wrist dropped, out of the air, without a bounce and it must land in the box beyond the kitchen line. The side and baseline are in play on the serve.

If the first server wins the point, then the next serve is hit from the left side of the court to the right. If the first server loses a point, the other team gets two serves (server one and server two), with the first server always starting from the right. If the first server faults, the second server serves from the “other side” and continues serving until the serving team loses a rally or faults a serve.

The score is always said, serving team first, then receiving team, then server number. When the second server faults or loses the rally, a “side out” occurs and the other team will begin serve from the right, with the player who had last returned on the right side of the court.

Make note at the beginning of each game, who started serving. If the points scored for “your team” (always said first) are even it is the first server’s serve from the right side. If the score is odd it is the left side of the court for the first server. If you are the second server then the reverse would be true, the score would be odd serving from the right and even serving from the left. This will help with keeping the correct score and serving side.

No volleying in the kitchen is allowed. This means no stepping in after the shot or not having both feet outside the the kitchen and grounded before the volley is struck. Going in the kitchen to hit a ball that bounces there is okay and needed! Players may stand in the kitchen at any time without faulting as long as no volley is struck there.

Typically matches are played, two out of three sets, first to 11 points, by a margain of two points.

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